Transformation coalition condemns ‘all white’ Kings signings

Bantwini Matika, Chairperson of newly formed Rugby Transformation Coalition (RTC)
Bantwini Matika, Chairperson Rugby Transformation Coalition (RTC)

In a letter to SA Rugby, SASCOC, Department of Sports and Recreation, Parliament potfolio committee on Sports, and EP Kings President Cheeky Watson, the chairperson of Rugby Transformation coalition Bantwini Matika labelled as both ‘disrespectful and pissing on the very existence of our franchise’ EP kings actions of signing white players only.

In an explosive letter in our possession, the Coalition blasted EP Rugby and its President as failures that ran EPRU to bankrupcy, “As if running the EP Rugby Union to bankruptcy was not enough, now Mr  President Cheeky Watson and his Executive have went on to piss on the very existence of this franchise, transformation, by signing 8 new white players on the Kings squad for Super Rugby”.

EP Kings on Monday announced the signing of nine (9) new players for their 2016 Super 18 rugby competition. Eight (8) of those players are white, and only one is black. These are the players : SP Marais, James Hilterbrand, Jurgen Visser, Stefan Watermeyer, JC Roos, Caylib Oosthuizen, Mark Richards, Louis Fouche and Carel Greeff.

“In 2013 we were made to believe winning was the reason why they used more white players, not that we agreed with that stereotype but we understood because they were trying to avoid relegation. Now theres no relegation and the mandate from the clubs and the greater south african public to  SARU is that we need more players of colour in the Kings franchise and others inorder to feed our National Teams”, continued the letter.

“We are asking you to explain the signing of 8 white players for Super Rugby when we were promised more players of colour? Why is SARU allowing this nonsense when their transformation trajectory is at its worst position? Why are Border and SWD players of colour sidelined here?”

“We demand that SARU ensures that the administration being put together will meet the employment equity targets including coaching staff and team support staff. We request that decision making be not the preserve of white people only in the running of Eastern Cape franchise and that local black business benefits from the franchise budget”.

Then the Coalition requested an urgent meeting with SAR to further discuss these matters. “We therefore request to hold an urgent meeting with SARU around these matters”.


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