EPRU President nominee, Andre Rademan

EPRU Presidential nominee, Andre Rademan, responded to the news of the arrest of former EPRU President, Cheeky Watson, by sending the statement below:

“I have learned with alarm about the arrest earlier today of the former EPRU President”.

“Details are still incomplete and I remain confident that the matter will be managed justly and fairly”, said Rademan.

“I assure current and potential sponsors, business, clubs and their managements, players, supporters, and the public that EP Rugby will come clean under my presidency and that all wrongs will be righted, in absolute compliance with the law and generally accepted management principles, in order for EP Rugby to stand up again, to hold its head high again, to achieve success both on and off the field of play”.

“EP Rugby stands for more than a game. EP Rugby also represents the spirit of the people of our fair city and surrounds. It represents dreams and foresees achievement. My team and I will make the people who support EP Rugby proud again to support EP Rugby” said Rademan.

“Let us not speculate on what is wrong. Let us focus on putting the right team in charge of a Union that has immeasurable potential. Then we’ll fix the wrongs” cautioned Rademan.