Connecting Talent with Opportunity (CTC)

Overview: Targeting players between ages 18-24, Connecting Talent to Opportunity (CTC) program identifies talented individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, prepare and connect them with rugby playing opportunities locally and abroad. This is not a PLAYER AGENCY, but a CONDUIT through which talent and opportunity meet.

Player Development Program (PDP)

The Player Development Program (PDP) is a proactive player focused program structured to empower players to maximise their potential on and off the field.

All players are provided with support throughout their career. This support include:

  • Career guidance
  • Professional and personal development workshops
  • Financial education and guidance
  • Educational guidance
  • Life after Rugby

Community Rugby

We conduct ongoing rugby coaching clinics in disadvantaged and rural areas of our communities to spread the love of the game but also to use the platform to introduce our players into the next level of the game – coaching and administration.

During our holiday camps we invite local coaches to work with our kids and also use our players as coaching assistants.

We also hosts visiting clubs and schools from other countries to make sure our kids do get exposure and experience of playing with kids from different backgrounds.

  • Connecting Talent with Opportunity (CTC)
  • Player Development Program (PDP)
  • Community Rugby