Advocate Shaeed Patel

Two front runners for president and vice president of EPRU, Shaheed Patel and Willie Blunden, yesterday withdrew their candidacies and will now seek election as additional members in the April 8 executive elections.

Patel said, “We are fortunate to have someone with the standing, presence, business acumen, administrative ability, and experience of André Rademan willing to lead EPRU to recovery and rising success. I am looking forward to heading the finance portfolio and to serve under André’s leadership to restore the financial independence of EPRU and place the union on a sustainable profit track. My legal knowledge and experience will be best applied in running this critical portfolio.”

Blundin wants to address disciplinary matters in the union.

“Discipline on the playing field is as important as discipline in the boardroom and in the administration. EPRU lacked discipline on all fronts for far too long. I can best serve at enquiries. My legal knowledge and experience will be best applied as an additional member heading the enquiry’s portfolio.

“I thank our clubs for their trust in nominating me for two positions. I will never take such trust for granted and I will answer this trust by running the enquiry’s portfolio to best develop EPRU.

“I am convinced that the clubs nominated exceptional leaders for vice president. I am certain that someone with the club rugby and community leadership credentials of Chico February will deliver energy and innovation, and I support his nomination whole-heartedly.”