EC Super 12 Team of the week

EC Super 12 Team Of the Week

This week EC Super 12 team of the week was selected by the Steering Committee from the two teams that played semi-final 1 last week Saturday.

Congratulations to the players and coach Luchen Samuels from Harlequins who gets the nod for coach of the week:

1. Clivado Bees (Har)
2. Keenan Frieslaar (Har)
3. Elrich Kock (Par)
4. Kuhle Sonkosi (Par)
5. Sinalo Caga (Har)
6. Diego Williams (Har)
7. Wikus Van Rooyen (Par)
8. Quintin Haarsbroek (Par)
9. Roger Louis (Har)
10. LUAN Bosman (Har)
11. Mario Samuels (Har)
12. Chezzy Van Wyk (Har)
13. Billy Mentoor (Par)
14. Dayle Nel (Har)
15. Monier Jacobs (Har)

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