Coaching Camps

Grassroots Rugby will also provide a platform for all other organisations working in the grassroot level to post any of the coaching workshops, clinics or traning sessions they might have on this site.

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  1. big up to dasrec with this super 12 programme….but unfortunatly it excludes the grassroots because it only cater for teams whom already have infrastructures and whose all based in the urban areas..what is happening to rural development..easy question? involve in a sub-union structure in brfu.we dont even get grants from our mother body to run programmes if u do initiate tornaments and programmes our development officer does not get a vehicle to assist us,when he did got a vehicle last for a tornament we did we had to fill the bakkie up with my simple question is when are dasrec going to have similar programmes in our rural areas where it is much needed for the development of our kids

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